Friday, August 3

Jou-Jou Becoming

We just received this wonderful update on the former Beulah, now answering to the adorable moniker Jou-Jou. This is a real happy ending story for this girl. Enjoy!

"Greetings, HRM Frog Princess:

I wanted to send a few pictures of our mademoiselle Miss Jou-Jou, who has utterly transformed in the last six months (I'm pleased to see she's still up on the FBRN masthead with her tongue sticking out).

Jou-Jou is sort of like Pinocchio. She's been trying to become a real dog and I think she's finally succeeded. When we first got her, she didn't bark, didn't play, didn't chew on bones, didn't want to go outside, peed in the house, hardly ate a thing, couldn't have cared less about the cat. Each week that has passed, she's added to her repertoire of dogly behaviors and every time she's done something dog-like, I've exclaimed, Oh, my! Just like a real dog! I guess the trauma of being a canine sex-slave took its toll on the poor beastie.She now barks therapeutically as needed (especially at the imaginary monster in the basement, which she keeps at bay for us from the safety of the upper landing); chases inflatable balls around (there is no beach ball or soccer ball safe from her pathetically dull teeth); mooches food like a pro; and generally carries on just like a real dog. She even had a go at our cat Newman yesterday morning, who can easily outdistance her and regarded her with disdain and smug amusement, but still. It's a start. She's also gained almost three pounds and I'm sure any day now, she'll be classified as grievously overweight.

Also, I had to send a picture of her with the one stuffed animal that she picked out as her own. We have three young girls and the house is filled with stuffed bears, cats, dogs, bunnies, tigers, lambs -- you name it, we've got a stuffed version of it. What was the ONE stuffed animal that she picked out of all the things lying around the house? A BULL. My sister-in-law brought it back for us from Spain. I guess there's still some stray genetic material deep in her bones that tells her that this was what she was bred for. Chasing bulls. Albeit stuffed ones with big red lips.

The two other shots are of her at opposites ends of her spectrum: pummeling the daylights out of a beach ball and at repose in her pink chair. Ah, the life! It is sweet! Or so we hope. :)"

Oh, we have no doubt that Jou-Jou's life is sweet! Note the pig-in-mud delirium of her beach ball photo! Regard the relaxation of the musculature as she lounges in a chair dedicated to her own use! Espy the sweet expression on her smooshy visage as she slumbers peacefully beside her own Jou-Jou sized nemesis/friend. It's not only sweet, but also it's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious, it's dilemma, it's de-limit, it's deluxe, it's delovely! croaks

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Jou-Jou!!!

Anonymous said...

I do believe that's a satisfied smirk on her face, in the lavender throne photo! Way to go, Jou-Jou!

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Yay, Jou-Jou is living the life!!!