Wednesday, August 1

Free at Last!

Twila has been so good and so patient and such a trouper during all these weeks of crate rest! This past weekend, Florida had some overcast and cool (as cool as Florida gets in summer) weather. Twila's foster mom figured it would be a good day to let Twila enjoy some belly to the grass time with a delectable chewy.

We know that today is going to be a happy day for Twila--it's her first day free of crate rest, and now she's going to be able to join the other dogs in fun and games and ordinary Frenchie frolics! You may recall that Twila's foster dad rigged her up a little round wheelie thing her first day in foster care a couple of months ago. We're in the process of trying to find Twila an official set of wheels like the one we got for Freeman (thanks to the generous donations of Freeman's fans!). If you would like to see the grinning girl from the land of the Everglades tricked out in an elegant conveyance, you can help by donating on her foster page.

Doesn't she look cute in her happy pants? One of our talented and generous volunteers makes these britches to order for our disabled dogs. She uses the most adorable fabrics. She's made overalls and Dr. Denton's for our Lucy Lou, as you may remember. We are so lucky to have such gifted and dedicated people looking out for our dogs.

In other news,Twila, Poptart, Maddy and Monki are being featured on the front page this week as part of a Bowl-a-Rama fundraiser some of our Arizona volunteers and their families are doing. Learn more about it and how to sponsor one of our girls here! The event is August 4th, so you have plenty of time to choose a foster or two for yourself to sponsor. It's way too hot in Arizona to do an outdoors fundraiser, so PACC-911 has cleverly worked out a way to bring in funds for itself by helping other rescues raise funds for themselves! Everybody wins.

Here's what one of the participants said about how the fundraiser works:
"People can donate however they want. I have one person who has pledged $1 a pin , but the rest have given a flat donation. We bowl four games, scored the regular way. I'm terrible, but my mom used to be a great bowler back in the day. I think it will be Lynne's first time bowling, and I really appreciate her joining us. My brother Dan will be the fourth bowler (my family knows better than to tell me no when rescue is involved). :)

A dog lover owns the bowling alley, and they close it for the day once a year for the bowl-a-rama. Only rescue groups will be bowling on Saturday. PAC911 hosts it and raises money by selling raffle tickets. All of the groups get to keep 100% of the money they raise. It's my first time attending, but I hear it's a lot of fun.

The local golden retriever rescue raised almost $4000 last year bowling, but I think that's shooting a little high (especially our first year). :)

We're not allowed to sell anything, but they do give us a table to decorate and put out pamphlets, etc. I'll try to get some pictures."

We will be on tenterhooks until we see those photos! You can pledge by clicking on the dog's photo and including a note on the PayPal page about how you'd like to donate--either a flat sum, or a pledge per pin, per strike, per spare, or whatever you wish. Maybe a pledge per hotdog consumed by our bowlers (veggie or not), or a pledge equal to the total shoe sizes of the bowling shoes!

We so hate to choose between these beautiful ladies. Should we pledge a dollar a strike for Poptart and a dollar for each spare picked up for Twila? Pledge to match the lowest bowling score? Pledge to match the highest? Perhaps small sponsorships for each is the way to do it, muses
The Frog Princess

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