Friday, August 31

Mango Means Mmmm!

This adorable pied boy is only eighteen months old. He has been kept in a crate for the last six months or so, because he has a leaky rectum. He had never been seen by a vet for this problem until he was surrendered to his foster mom. He's also a bit nervous and when he was surrendered his owner said he had "mental problems." The vet thought the mental problems probably stem from painful elimination and angry corrections following the bowel movements he couldn't control. He's wearing a diaper now, and he's getting along great with dogs, cats and people.

The specialist Mango saw has diagnosed him with Spina Bifida. The prognosis for improvement in terms of rectal leaking is poor. However, FBRN has placed a dog with spina bifida (Bubba Gump, now George) and he is doing very well. We've also had some good results helping control problems like Mango's and Lainey's with a fresh diet, either home-cooked or raw.

We'll keep you posted on Mango's progress. Keep a good thought for him.

Meanwhile, we can't figure out why we are humming this: "Put the lime in the coconut, drink 'em both together, put the lime in the coconut, then you FEEL better..."

The Frog Princess

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Balboa said...

Oh Mango,

I'm glad you're surrounded by humans who love and respect you and want to help you.

Frenchie SNorts