Friday, August 24

Don't Help a Good Boy Go Bad

This is FBRN grad, Benny.

Benny the Frog.

He's cute, isn't he?
Very innocent and sweet, wouldn't you say?

This little Frenchie would never dream of causing his mamma even a moment's anxiety or disappointment. Truly, he's the very model of a well-behaved young frog.

Or is he? Watch carefully as this seemingly guiltless, even saintly, French Bulldog proves himself a Wolf in Frog's clothing. Can't you just hear him whistling a little tune, all sweetness and light?
Oh, but he is as the rose wi' a worm in the bud!

See how he looks around! Watch as he makes sure the coast is clear! Is this not evidence of perfidy and an evil nature so profoundly warped that no penitentiary can reform him, no church refine him, no love redeem him?

Yea, verily! We say to you, don't help a good frog go bad! Don't leave your tomato plants in an area where a fine young French Bulldog may be tempted to eat of the fruit of the love-apple! For truly, if you leave a ripe tomato hanging from a plant on the patio and you put a hungry Frenchie there with it, whose fault is it, really, if that tomato disappears?

Whose fault is it really? Demands

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

This is some inspired writing. My hat is off to your genius, my dear Frog Princess.

Anonymous said...

What a scoundrel is Benny! But who could be angry at that handsome mug! Not I, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yum - our kids are eating tomatoes, Concord grapes and figs just now. Miss Molly harvests the grapes right off the vine, one by one. The vet is all for it - lotsa vitamins!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that our family doesn't live with the only french garden burglar. Figs, plums, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries...the list goes on, anything within reach. Only when she sampled the only paw paw that her grandpa's tree had produced in its 5yr life did she really test her cute puppy powers. No sentenced layed down on that one either, only photo ops and kisses. Oh the frenchie trickery

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!! There must be a genetic trait associated with tomato swiping and Frenchies. I catch my Bruneaux chasing cherry tomatos around the patio all the time!

TouchNPaws said...

You are in great company Benny! Pierre and Sammi love stolen love apples! They take the freely given ones without a problem also.

You are one good lookin' boy Benny.

Anonymous said...

is benny still avail? and if so where/what state is he living now. poor guy can't find the right fit?