Wednesday, August 29

Beasley Marches to Her Own Drumbeat

Beasley is one of FBRN's trouble children. She came to us when her family became frightened of her temper tantrums at 8 months old, and she went through one foster home before landing in her current foster placement. She has been making great progress here, but she's larger than life. Maria Callas. Evita Peron. Catherine de' Medici.

Listen. Beasley is a French Bulldog--you should pardon the expression--bitch. She has all the tendency to throw her weight around, engage in attitudes of entitlement, and generally comport herself like the rock n roll diva on skates many Frenchie bitches have.
However, Beasley takes that tendency and amps it up, and she will require a strong-minded, consistent, no-nonsense but LOVING family if she is to live happily with humans. She is extra spicy in some areas, such as resisting having to go in the crate. She will give you plenty of lip about it and has even thrown a tooth or two over the thumb of her foster mom to make her point. She did that one time. Our foster mom doesn't play games with uppity puppies.

We are seeking a home for beautiful Beasley, one where she will have a canine playmate her size or larger, willing to romp and rattle the roof. She can't be in a home with kids, and that's not negotiable, but she does need a family willing to try to see the world through Beasley's eyes and then help her to adjust her vision to their point of view while manipulating her environment to prevent meltdowns.

Ideally, her family will be innovative in providing opportunities for Beasley to succeed and will simply not present her with occasions that will allow her to fail.

That will probably mean finding and using a very good trainer with experience working with oddball dogs. Not mean or vicious dogs, necessarily, just dogs with a unique interpretation of the world.

Beasley needs a family who will be willing to work on earning her trust every day. That means a family that understands dogs' needs and supplies consistent, firm, loving attention.

Yes, she is beautiful and cute, but this girl is not for marshmallow families or first-time dog owners.

Have we scared you off? If not, take a peek at Beasley's bio on our website. See if you and she could make beautiful, interesting music together.

The Frog Princess

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