Sunday, August 26


Here is one of our newest fosters, Bijou, ready to take the wheel if only someone will give her the key. Uh oh! don't let the Frenchie drive the car!

You may note that she is the proud possessor of one gorgeous eye. She's also got those adorable freckled ears that drive some of our volunteers round the bend. They are gorgeous ears, but they are merely decorative. Bijou is deaf.

Yes, we were tempted to call her Lucky, but that joke is so old it has whiskers.

She's a pip, and she's going to make some very lucky family very happy! Her story will be on the FBRN website next week.

Beep beep!
The Frog Princess


TouchNPaws said...

Oh Bijou I just adore those beautiful polka dotted decorations of yours! You are a STUNNING girl with a permanent wink! A heartbreaker for sure.


Anonymous said...

She looks like one big sweetheart. I hope that she finds a wonderful home.

Balboa said...

Hey she must be really cool, cuz I got kinda freckled ears and I KNOW I'm cool. hee hee

FRenchie Snorts

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bijou wants to get stuck in traffic--I think she's yearnin' to place her order at the fast food joint!

"I'd like two of everything, extra pickles and double cheese please! And make my shakes vanilla and strawberry!"

Can't you see the little paper crown on her head?

Rebecca & Sir Humphries

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering how she is doing? someting about that face makes me and my 2yr old male frenchie smile:)