Wednesday, August 22

Daisy Mae's Debut

Daisy Mae is making her debut this week on our available list! Look for her biography and see if you and she could make beautiful music together.Here's a note from her foster mom describing the elegant and entertaining Daisy M:
"Miss Daisy Mae's family made the loving and very difficult decision to surrender her to rescue because they could no longer cope with her recurring skin ailment, we are working on that and we plan to have a clean bill of health before she is placed. She is a very sweet 6 year old spayed female with no other apparent problems. She is getting along fine with her foster pug siblings (however she IS an alpha) and loves to meet new folks.
She does well in the crate and at this point barks at the door to go out, but it is not 100%. We will be working on that as well as some basic obedience.
She has shown a gravitation towards one of her friends with Down Syndrome, and does mind him quite well."

Daisy Mae is being fostered in the steaming hills and hollows of beautiful West Virginia, where soon enough the leaves will be turning and the air will be crisp and bright.

"Country roads, take me home to the place I belong..." hums
The Frog Princess


anita said...

we are glad to see the frog princess back from the wilds and enjoying the kingdom once again. daisy mae is a doll!those alphas need a kingdom of their own. lol

Balboa said...

Hey, you're too cute to be 100% with the house training! hee hee

Frenchie Snorts

Anonymous said...

Frog Princess rocks!!!!
Daisy Mae has not had an accident in the house for over a month now.
Her hair is almost completely grown in. "Lookin' goooood"
She is ready, ready, ready for the right home, (calm household, steady routine will do fine).
Bringing her a new pug sister into the house didn't even cause any setback. She will now bark and/or jump at the door if she needs to go potty.
Only issue is the tissue, she loves to shred any she finds laying around.
"I wanna keep her" says her foster mom. But others will need me. Sigh!