Tuesday, November 4

Smeagol Just Heard!

"What's that you say?!


I'm on my way!!!"

We just love political animals, sighs

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a sweet face! We love you Smeagol!

Anonymous said...

Smeags! What is the name on your stroller? It's very nice, we want one, too, not yours.

It's always good to see you!

Steff and the tubs

Kelz World said...

when i see his face it tugs my heart everytime and makes me smile to know that there are people out there like FBRN to help when called on. thank you for all that you do for these beautiful and sweet creatures!

Anonymous said...

Smeags!! It's good to see our man in action!

Anonymous said...

I think Smeags' stroller should have lights flashing: "The Smeags-Mobile"! And a little speaker in there too--Can't you see how sad he is without a stereo system? And he does have GPS...Right?

p.s. I hope his forever home wheels him through the drive-through in his Smeags-Mobile!

Anonymous said...

What about a Smeags Treat Truck for Lucky Dogs? He'll blast music through his 'hood, and will dispense treats to lucky dogs from his Smeags-Mobile!

Hopin' the Smeags-Mobile will make a stop in our neighborhood with a cold treat for my foster pooch!

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Smeagies' stroller was purchased from http://justpetstrollers.com . The stroller came really quickly, just in time for Puppy Mill Awareness Day and he easily could have passed out dozen of business cards and become a traveling stroller salesman.

SmeagUms & Crew

Anonymous said...

F.P. Let me know where that stroller came from. Hugo can only walk for so long and gets tired.... He's just a Frenchman.