Thursday, November 27

Froggy Went a Courtin'

A change in circumstance meant Froggy's owner had to give him up, and we are so glad he called us to take Froggy. He's a complete charmer, and no one would ever guess he's ten years old. The first week in foster care, he had panic attacks, but those seem to be diminishing. He's a bit underweight, but his foster family has been cooking for him, and he's a bit heftier now than he looks in the photos.

Here's an update from his foster mom, with some photos of the boy.

"I wanted to post an update on Froggy. He is such a pleasure to have around!

Froggy likes everyone! He is good with kids, cats, dogs, men, women and I am certain just about anything else that he can come in contact with. He was missing his "man" badly when he arrived but is starting to do much better. He also intially had panic attacks but we think that was from being uprooted at 10 years old. He was panic attack free for 1 week until we had a thunderstorm on Friday night. It was not nearly as bad as those first few days so we really think that Froggy is getting stronger emotionally as well as physically.

What else can I say? He is the sweetest and kindest soul imaginable and wants to be loved. He sleeps cuddling us, he is always with us, and he will do just about anything we ask. He plays silly a few times a day and prances about with a big smile. He likes walks as along as they are followed with time resting on the couch. He is eating like champ and has discovered that sardines may just be the most amazing thing that he has ever encountered.

More to come on this sweet little man as soon as I get more pictures. These were taken two weeks ago and he has put on weight since...he looks less worried too!"

Sounds like young Froggy has won the hearts of his foster family. Watch for him on the available page and see if maybe he'd fit in at your home.

The Frog Princess

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