Saturday, November 8


The handsome new boy, Artie, came to us when a new puppy arrived and Artie couldn't wrap his head around the fact that the puppy was there to stay. Poor puppy first got the Frenchie equivalent of short-sheeted, then he suffered surreptitious pinches, and ugly graffiti even appeared around the neighborhood with scandalous accusations directed at the poor puppy. But when Artie started protecting their mom from the puppy's affection, mom sadly made a decision to rehome Artie where he can be happier. Artie's foster mom says rehoming this good-looking blond will be no sweat at all!

"Artie is a beautiful, honey-pied, robust boy. He has a large frame and maybe an extra pound or two. He has some allergy bumps but they do not seem to be causing him any discomfort. He's very loving with a laid back personality. He approaches our cats with a mild interest and has ignores neighborhood dogs when on walks. He seems to enjoy his walks and is very energetic. His leash manners are amazing. Hopefully, he'll walk off some of the extra pounds.

He is housebroken and yet to have single accident. Since coming to stay with us his two favorite activities have been sleeping on the couch and "shadowing" us around the house. He loves nothing more than being around people and receiving pats. If we're busy around the house he simply stands out of the way and watches what we're doing. He suffers from a little separation anxiety when we leave the house. But that's understandable since he's been moved around a lot lately. His great looks, good health, and loving but not overbearing personality make him a great family pet."

Artie is new on our foster page, but keep an eye out for him if you are in the market for an adorable, well-behaved, loving only dog. Artie is your guy!

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The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Ah Artie, doesn't sound like you're missing your marshmallows too much! Some of my next paycheck is yours!

Anonymous said...

Artie is adorable....

Anonymous said...

artie is precious!!! I would love to adopt him if I could. Please consider me for his new forever home. Jeanne Salvago