Saturday, November 29

Handsome and athletic Houdini came to us when his family added a baby and they couldn't provide Houdini with the level of exercise he was accustomed to. He has moved from the desert of Nevada to the high desert of Oregon, and he's having to contend with chilly temperatures he hasn't encountered before. Here is a note from his foster mom:

"Houdini is a happy, energetic boy who loves to run and play. He needs a family with a high fence because he is an escape artist. He can jump a 4 foot fence with ease. He loves everyone and would make a great companion. He loves long walks and is very athletic. He would do well with children who have had experience with dogs. He doesn't do well with cats, but could possibly be introduced to another dog. He is a neat dog, full of personality. Excited whenever anyone is around to play. He is very healthy and happy with life. He does get cold easy so when we walk or play outside he has his coat on."

He has the kind of noble expression we like to see in a young frog, approves

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Noble, yes. But isn't that a hint of a snaggle toof peeking out? I love me some snaggle toofs.