Sunday, November 2

Richard, Lionheart!

So you are a Princess and you are looking for a swain, a consort, a suitor, do we have that right? Or you are a man looking for a sidekick to ride shotgun on those long rides into the prairie. Hold onto your hats, people! Have we got the answer to a maiden's (or a man's) prayer!

It's Richard
! He's the goofiest goofball you ever did see and he's available. He's also totally devoted to you and without need of any other competition. Doesn't want to play with another pooch, doesn't want to cuddle with a kitty.
All he wants is to be yours and yours alone.

Richard is a lovable lug with a smoochable mug, and he's currently rolling around on the bed in his foster home, scratching his back and rumpling the covers. It's his
favorite thing to do. Can't you imagine Sunday mornings in bed, you with a pot of coffee and the New York Times and there is Richard at the foot, rootling and grunting and snorting in comfortable companionship?

So maybe he sometimes likes getting up on the desk and slobbering over the stuffed frog his foster mom keeps up there, but who minds a little naughtiness now and then? One look at those pretty dark eyes and all is forgiven, no?

What in the world is the world waiting for? Giddyup, gavotte, or glide over to his page and check him out.

Pining and sighing for a red headed roommate,

The Frog Princess


RHz said...

Richard, you are simply stunning. If I was ready to be a one-dog only gal, I'd snatch you up in a heartbeat. But alas, my home is filled with other Frenchies & kitties, and it would not be fair to you.

Anonymous said...

Richard, yes one would need to be totally commited to a one-pet household, and what if some cutie pie of a little girlie doggie came along....I don't think you would be able to handle that. We Texans are usually ready to find a spot in our hearts for most wandering pups. Hummmm, what to do. You are by far one of the cutest kids ever.