Thursday, November 6

Qbert Quomes to Quall

Qbert was acquired from a woman who was unable to consistently and successfully treat Qbert's demodex. Treatment for demodex can be lengthy, but it is not hard. It simply requires regular attention and commitment. He came to us with filthy ears and skin, a nasty hotspot on the back of his neck and untrimmed nails, with dewclaws on the verge of curling into his flesh.

Poor Qbert is 9 months old and he's been hot and itchy all his life. His coat should be a beautiful fawn and his face should be a black mask of mischief and curiosity. We are looking forward to the day when his natural puppy energy asserts itself and he starts making a pest and a nuisance of himself, as ordinary puppies do!

In the meanwhile, he is eating wonderful food, getting excellent care and hanging out with some frenchie foster siblings who are teaching him about life in the house and what toys are for. We'll post updates on his condition as he continues to get better and grow hair and get very, very naughty, as is his birthright and his duty.

Qbert! We hear our President elect is in the market for a puppy. Once you are cleaned up and healthy, maybe you'll be a candidate for First Frenchie!

A frog can dream, can't she? asks

The Frog Princess

PS We got a photo of Qbert hanging out at home with a certain someone keen-eyed folk should recognize!


Anonymous said...

Zombo says "c'mon'll be fine soon! I'll give you plenty of ideas for trouble to get into!" Kisses and snorts from Zombo and his perpetually tired mom

Anonymous said...

Frog Princess, you're QUAZY!

Anonymous said...

Hay Buddie. Don't you worry about a thing. You are right where you will get the best care and attention and love. And soon you will have a wonderful coat of hair and every little problem will be resolved. You will be getting ready to have the best life in the USA.....maybe not in the White House; but there are many who will take as good care of you as if you were one of the W.H. Kids. XXX

Anonymous said...

Is it really....? The Smeagster himself? Qbert will definitely be West Wing material if he has such a mentor.