Friday, November 21

Frannie's Babies

Frannie is a breeder retiree who came to us when her breeding days, her owner thought, were over. She spent a week or two or three in foster care, learning to be a housedog and preparing to be adopted.

One day, her foster family noticed that she was very fat, though she wasn't being fed more than her body size required. They made an appointment to see what, if anything, might be wrong with her.

By the time the vet saw her, it was evident what the problem was. Looking at her tummy, the vet could plainly see a bunch of puppies squirming and wiggling and carrying on in there.

Apparently, Frannie wasn't done breeding.

We sent Frannie to a volunteer who is a breeder herself to wait for the puppies to be born. We know that there are many puppies in the world already, and there are plenty of grown dogs who need homes, but FBRN's Board of Directors could not bring themselves to put Frannie through a spay so late in her pregnancy. Because Frannie had not been given special food or vitamins during her pregnancy, there was a risk that some of the pups might not survive, and there was no guarantee that the pups would be French bulldogs. Still.

Frannie had five puppies. The first puppy was stillborn. Two other boys died in the weeks following. The two girls survived, but are still frail and very tiny. Their foster mom has lost a great deal of sleep caring for these girls, providing extra feedings, making sure they stayed warm, trying to put weight on them. Truly, her efforts to keep these girls alive were heroic. Many a breeder would have chosen to let nature take its course. Our volunteer was willing to fight just as long and as hard as Frannie's puppies were fighting.

Following their 8 week vaccinations, the girls had a setback, and we discovered they had giardia. They lost precious, hard-won weight, and we worried.

We think now, at 10 weeks, they may be out of the woods, but they are still very, very small, and they are quite frail. We haven't dared to name them, yet. Their foster mom called them Puppy and Baby.

Until this week.

Meet Cherub. Frannie's very littlest baby, who still weighs just 2 pounds, had a bath this week.

Her blonde sister's name is Cashmere. They are doing well this week.

Keep a good thought for these girls. They are fighters, and they are survivors, but everyone can use a little help. We know our friends will send good vibes and so does

The Frog Princess


RHz said...

Many many prayers to the both of them... and many thanks to the volunteers doing so much to help them. I wish I could help, too!

Anonymous said...

They are angels and so is their foster mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with these precious ones and with their sleep-deprived foster mom! God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's really sad about the others not making it but so good that they have names, that's a good sign!

Fight on, Cherub and Cashmere! No matter what, they're definitely going to a very good home.

Anonymous said...

Little frenchie angels to warm all of our hearts! It would be really nice to see pics as they grow. Bea and Fergie were a year old when we got them. It would be so nice to share some puppy love!

How great would it be to find a home to take this sweet frenchie family! You can never have too many frenchies!

Be heathy and well angel babies!

Sandra, Bruce, Fergie and Bea

Anonymous said...

What better news to be getting during Thanksgiving week! God bless all the wonderful volunteers, and a very gentle frenchie kiss to each beauty.

Unknown said...

I sympathize and empathize with your plight. Having lost puppies years ago, I understand the pain. I have been watching the story of Frannie and her puppies for weeks, hoping that Frannie would come up for adoption. Many people want cute little puppies(who can blame them?) But I want to give love and security to Frannie. I have now applied to adopt her, and am waiting excitedly to hear back. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Frenchie hugs and kisses from Fergie and Bea!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Cherub and adorable Cashmere, we'll keep you in our prayers! Keep fighting to become strong beautiful girls like Frannie. Thank you, Foster Mom, for being so great and generous with your love and time!

Karen said...

OMG...........Cherub looks just like my Cami!! Cami almost died when she was weaned due to salmonella poisoning, so she was a v-e-r-y tiny frog too. I look forward to watching them grow. Karen

Anonymous said...

good luck little teensies! you are both darling and many prayers for your good health are on their way.

Jennifer Horgan said...

They are so precious! We will be thinking good and healthy thoughts for them so they grow up big and frenchie strong. Sending love.