Tuesday, July 8

Everything is Ginger Peachy!

Ginger Peach was surrendered in Wisconsin, but after a road trip of a few hours, she's now happily fostering in the green, gracious land that is Minnesota! Here is a note we got from her foster mom after a couple of days in her new surroundings:

"Ginger Peach is settling in nicely in our home. She has passed some big tests in the last 36 hours. So far she has aced the kid, cat, and other dog tests. There was some confusion on where to go for the housebreaking test so she gets some more time to study for that one.

Ginger Peach is a Christmas Eve Frenchie born 4 and a half years ago. She is brindle with some white on her paws, belly, neck and face. GP is spayed and in good health. Her coat is lovely and her teeth are clean. She has a history of ear issues and tilts her head as a result of surgery to remove a polyp in her right ear when she was a year old.

She has a lump on her back left hock that is the reason for her surrender. Her owner felt it was cancerous and opted for euthanasia over a biopsy. The vet convinced her to turn her over to a rescue and the rest is history.

The vet aspirated and x-rayed the lump. It is a soft tissue growth that does not involve the bone and contains some thick fluid. A cyst perhaps? We will go see the
vet about it. I will also get a consult on the ears and head tilt. Her ears look thick and slightly inflamed but she is not scratching them. In the meantime, Ginger P gets no grain products and some flax seed oil with breakfast. She has a good appetite and loves to go for walks. GP is up-to-date on all vaccines and has recently been checked for heartworm and intestinal parasites. She has a microchip and arrived with all her vet records. All the hard work is done. Thanks Wisconsin!"

Thank goodness we have transporters to take our fosters to their new homes! Some areas get so many frenchies that they have to hop a state or two to find an open door.

Can you drive? Do you have air conditioning in your car? If you make frequent car trips or just like being on the road, check out how to volunteer and make it possible for a poor, wandering frog to land on a safe and comfy lily pad!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do think Zombo is in love!! What a beauty!