Sunday, July 13

Yvette and Skooter Play and Play!

Here are Skooter and Yvette, playing their hearts out!

Yvette is the puppy mill girl who has been so wary of the resident Frenchies at her foster home. Skooter is the foster who won't take "no!" for an answer. He has brought her out of her shell.

It must be good for you to watch dogs playing. Certainly better than TV! claims
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Is that a house full of Frenchie love & energy, or what?! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Did I count FIVE in that cast? Where is this lucky living room / heaven on earth? We're very happy for Yvette and Scoot, and frankly a little bit jealous.

tamara2luvdasha said...

Please post more photos of your little Scoot-man, my heart is his. He could not be more darling.