Tuesday, July 8

Skooter Pie!

Skooter is a gorgeous young thing, and since this update was written, he and Yvette, a fellow foster and puppy mill survivor, have formed a strong friendship. It's wonderful to see her warming up to Skooter, since she has not been more than tolerant of the resident frenchies in her foster home. Skooter and Yvette might as well be alone in their own private world these days, as they cavort and play and roughhouse every chance they get. Here's the introduction his foster mom sent about Skoot:

"I met fellow volunteer P. yesterday to pick up Skooter, a handsome hunk of love who loves everyone he meets and wants to be loved right back. He was surrendered by his owner due to a change in her job situation requiring her to be away from home for long hours; she didn’t think it fair to him to be crated for such long periods. He is a big boy at nearly 8 months old; sleek and shiny as new money. He is still all puppy – eager to please, clumsy and a huge charmer. His forever home will have to have at least one, preferably 2 energetic playmates; size doesn’t matter. He is said to love cats and tries to engage them in play. Up to date on shots; no health issues at all that I can see. He has been well cared for by his owners.

Meeting my gang: All but Yvette welcomed him with the same playful exuberance he gives freely. He will have Dolly & Tonka at fighting weight in no time – he wore them out last night and was still ready for more when they collapsed. It is a love/hate thing with Yvette. She engages in play, she’ll block Dolly at times but if he approached her too fast her past comes back and she’ll snap at him. She has made no contact with these snaps and they are never loose unsupervised. She just went to timeout for snarkiness.

Feeding: Last night I had to hand feed him. This morning his name could’ve been Hoover – gone in less than 60 seconds. Feeding will not be an issue.

Props to P. who drove about 8 hrs round trip picking him up, bringing him to our meet-up point and then back home!"

Skooter is having fun and turning Yvette's life around! Seems sometimes things happen for a good reason. We are so glad to have Skooter with us; both for his own sake and because he's making such good things happen for dear Yvette!

Did we mention he likes to jump?
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

All frogs like to jump but who knew they could jump so high? Good Boy, Skooter!