Friday, July 11


Booie came to us last month when his family decided that he was too big for his britches, and his orneriness was becoming dangerous to their baby. He has moved to a foster home with two ladies from Boston, and they are teaching him that his wild West manners just won't fly among the Brahmins of Beacon Hill and Back Bay.
Here's a note we got from his foster mom shortly after he arrived:

"We have welcomed "Booie", a 4 year old, brindle lump of French lovin' into our home. There was some concern about his back legs at first, but the vet has assured me he is in good condition. He walks up the steps alright, but he doesn't like to go down them as he does the first three then stops and barks for me to carry him. Apparently, he just likes having a personal servant; my husband remarked that it's like carrying an anvil around.

He weighed in at 29 lbs, and the vet remarked that most of the weight was in his head, but he wears it well. His breathing is a little labored when he gets excited, and the vet mentioned that he might be a candidate for a specialist to look at; she did not think anything was necessary right now, but offered that it's important to keep his weight down as it doesn't take much for him to start panting. He had a few scabs she thought might be allergy related, but they have since healed up and all is well.

We have not had any real problems so far; he is housebroken, friendly with my dogs and walks great on a leash. The old girls (my Boston Terriers, 8 & 9) here are keeping him in line. When they first met, Booie thought he'd found himself a harem, but they immediately dismissed the notion. He's been respectful ever since; they play tug and chase but no roughhousing.

Yesterday, we went to a small dog social where he was the star. He met about 30 other dogs and was a perfect gentleman. And he greets everyone like a long lost friends - what a ham!

He didn't really think he should sleep in a crate, so for the first 2 or 3 nights he talked about us for about 1/2 hour while we were in bed.

I moved his crate next to Bady & Clover's and that seemed to work better; I think he enjoys the company. He adapted alright and now (even though he uses his secret power to turn himself into stone at the mention of it) we pick him up and carry him over to it and he doesn't complain.

The next few weeks will be spent looking into all his behaviors and trying to put a big picture together to figure out what the best home scenario is for him. Until then, I will continue my duties as step carrier, slobber wiper and belly scratcher."

In this economy, she should be grateful for any work she can get! sniffs
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

That last picture is PRICELESS!!! Calendar shot, calendar shot!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope we run into you at the common!

Anonymous said...

Definitely model material, Booie you are one handsome devil. We can't stop staring!