Thursday, July 3

Haricot--A Quebecoise Frenchie!

Beautiful, charming Haricot has moved from a city in Quebec to a littler town in Ontario. Formerly French-speaking, Haricot is learning all about the joys of life en Anglais!

So far, she has taken up fish watching at her foster home, becoming engrossed by the vision of the beautiful, colorful fish in the big salt-water tank. When she is watching the fishies, she forgets she is supposed to be disabled, and she sits herself up tall to watch.

This week, Haricot has the use of a pre-owned cart while she waits for her own carriage to be fitted to her. She has been enjoying the outdoors and loving the freedom of movement the cart gives her!

Here is Haricot ("bean") in the midst of a jolly, green, giant roll in the grass! Love that toothy grin!

Beans are good for you! declares
The Frog Princess

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Alana said...

Haricot, you are the cutest! You remind me of my furry child. Good luck finding your forever home!