Sunday, May 18

Roma Visits Her Doctors

Roma had a vet visit this week! Look how handsome and good-looking her doctors and the staff are at Roma's doctor's office. If you look very closely, you might be able to see Roma waving to you.

Here's the report:

"Well, we are home and everything went well.

Dr. Goring is very pleased with her progress. He proclaimed her very healthy. He believes that the soonest she could be ready for surgery is 6 more weeks but feels the bigger she gets, the better.

Good news is, he feels like we might not have to do anything with the hard palate. He said as she has grown, the cleft has remained the same or even smaller and it might not need any surgical intervention. He will keep an eye on it and of course we will know for sure as she gets older.

He checked her legs and said that at this time she does not have any luxating patellas and the legs were fine. The way he described it to me was this: She is like a neonate baby. Small for her age, so her bone structure is not fully developed. He said she will catch up in time but she will be slower in doing this. He said not to worry and her legs will be fine.

He has removed her from her antibiotics. He said that since she is doing so well he feels like she doesn't need them daily. He said for us to watch her and if she develops any snuffles to start her back on them. He was very pleased with her weight gain. I am unable to tell you what her weight is because of a very top secret surprise that will be coming soon. I was informed by the Frog Princess that if anybody ask I was to say "I could tell you. But if I tell you, I will have to kill you." Well that is a lot of bullets and driving. So with the price of gas, and the possibility of not making it back in time for the next feeding, I will just super glue my mouth shut to save a lot of lives.

The doctors will see her again in 2 weeks. Once again the fee to FBRN from these wonderful vets was a NO CHARGE for today's visit. I have attached the pictures of them. The dark haired doctor is Dr. Neihaus and the doctor in green is Dr. Goring. I will leave it to all of you to decide which one is the cutest. Of course, you can't include Roma in the who is cutest contest, because we all know she'd win."

Each is more adorable than the last, but when it comes to cuteness, Roma beats them all to splinters! pronounces
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

wow, that is one good looking office worth of vets! but as you said, Roma is the sweetest nub of cuteness in any picture! good luck, little one!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I was going into Roma withdrawl...

Ula1010 said...

Don't you think Roma and Dr. Goring have an uncanny resemblance? Their faces have similar bone structure.

I think Roma might have a wee bit of a crush on Dr. Neihaus. That is quite a besotted look she has on her face, as she gazes at him.