Wednesday, May 28


Here's the first message we received about little Cypress from his temporary foster mom. "I picked up the little guy from Mississippi earlier this evening from D. And I have to admit, I am in love. Really, head over heels in love. He is the cutest baby -- really not a baby -- he's 9 months old. But from what I understand, he weighs only 8 pounds (I don't know, I refuse to own a scale). D. suspects that he he has some mental deficiencies as well - he may, he's just a little off. But by far, his biggest issue is his hind legs. I don't know if it's his spine/hips or if it's neurological. I know that will be determined in time. His legs fly out from underneath him when he walks. He is better on a rough surface (carpet, concrete) but still very wobbly. However he gets around fine and is actually quite fast.

This tiny man will be going to Connecticut next week to be fostered. As much as I would like to keep him here, I know that I am probably not the most experienced person for a pup with his issues. So we will adore him during his time with us.

His name is Cypress -- I am assuming after the many swamp trees down here. But I felt like he needed a bigger, tougher name so we have given the nickname Truck Manworthy. A friend of mine used that moniker as his 'stage name' during his rock-n-roll days. It just seems so perfect for this little turkey - Truck it is!

I was able to get a few photos of him. They are not the best since it was getting dark, but they give you an idea of his preciousness. He is snoozing away in my lap right now."

If he's not the cutest thing to come wobbling down the pike since Roma rolled by, we don't know jam from jellyfish. Look at his sweet little face! Keep a good thought for this wee wobbler as he flies from NOLA to CT today. Our CT vol has a daughter who was planning a trip up from the area where she lives, so carrying an extra carry-on was no trouble at all.

We'll let you know when he arrives safe and sound!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Your Highness

I wanted to send a heartfelt thanks for the large amount of time and energy you spend making sure that we know about great dogs like Cypress.

Your humor, deft touch with writing, and the great big heart that you bring to this work makes your readers laugh, cry, and be touched by the delight that is a Frenchie.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice comment.

I'm speaking from a farrier's point of view, sounds like a little traction will help him a lot, and now they make little sticky paw pads, that are adhesive on the paw side. They are inexpensive, too. Might be worth a look....


Anonymous said...

he's so adorable. we'd love an update on cypress!