Thursday, May 1

Roma Gets a Check Up

Roma had an appointment yesterday with the neurologist and surgeon to see if she could have surgery. They were very impressed with her healthy condition and were able to spend quite some time discussing her with her foster mom.

They believe that Roma is a good candidate for surgery, and they would like to hold off as long as they can to limit the number of surgeries she may need. They said if she begins to have repeated bouts of pneumonia, always a risk with tube fed puppies, you will remember, they might have to do the surgery earlier.

Roma's foster mom said the vets and techs were sneaking in to peek at Roma the whole time they were there. She's got a fan club beyond FBRN! We also want to thank the docs for seeing us for almost an hour and charging us way less than $100. We love rescue friendly vets! exclaims

The Frog Princess

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tami said...

Oh, she just gets cuter and cuter! So glad to hear that she continues to do well. Milo sends all his love and big, sloppy kisses.