Monday, May 12

Roma Meets the Family

Young Roma is old enough to get out and about, and she is being introduced to some more family members. Here she is meeting Brutus, Brutty to his friends. He seems a bit confused, doesn't he?

"What the hey is that thing?"

"Good heavens, woman! Don't wave that thing around! Who knows where it's been!"

"Looks dangerous to me."

"Does it bite?"

We think Brutty is right to be suspicious. Anyone who has seen a puppy in action, yanking his elders' ears, pulling them around by their legs, bouncing on them while they are trying to get some rest...oh, it is exhausting! And those puppy teeth are sharp!

Would you like to see this cute little cleft palate puppy being tube-fed? Check out this video.

Wonderful little sounds she makes, aren't they? moons
The Frog Princess


RHz said...

Oh, Roma.
You just get cuter each posting and make me want you even more.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I feel a relapse in my severe case of cuteness overload coming on! I'll bet if you dipped her little paw in your tea, you wouldn't need any other sweetener! Thank God the little tyke is hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

you are an angel to be taking such good care of little Roma, With Hercules passing I think i've found a new mug to love...look forward to all the news suz P