Wednesday, May 14

Journey Home

As the second blogiversary of FBRNetwork News approaches, we bring you an update on one of the PA8, adopted a year ago this month!

Dear Frog Princess,

Last May we were lucky enough to bring home Journey, one of the PA-8. When I saw your plea for updates on the blog, I knew it was time to sort through our photos and send in some good news about our beautiful girl. She did have a few seizures shortly after we got her, but a low dose of phenobarbitol has them under control.

We renamed her Dobby (from Harry Potter) because she really is like a house-elf -- showing up in unexpected places and getting into trouble when she doesn't really mean to. She is loving, gentle, low-key, and just a little bit silly (especially if she thinks she should have more attention than she is getting).

She couldn't be more perfect for our family.

Dobby's days are filled with walking to and from our kindergartner's bus stop,
where she gets to say hello to all the kids and the other neighborhood dogs. In
the afternoons, she loves to ride along in our older daughter's jump rope carpool. In fact, Dobby can hardly contain herself when she sees the jump rope bag being carried to the door.

After dinner, she waits patiently for someone to sit on the couch so she can get a snuggle. We never imagined she would be a lap dog, but once the weather turned cool, she started draping herself across whoever would sit on the couch. She loves to have some part of her body touching a person, especially in our bed at night.

There are 2 photos attached. I laughed so hard at the one of her sitting at the table. I was busy clearing away the dinner dishes and when I turned around, there she sat in the chair. She had hopped up there so quietly and sat right down like this was her chair of honor. She seemed a little sheepish, but proud of herself at the same time.

The other photo is of her on the back of our "good" sofa. It is the perfect place for her to look out the window and see out the front of the house. She has put quite a dent in the top of the cushion, but we are glad that she is making use of the furniture that no one else sits on. Every now and then when we come home from being out, we find the sofa pillows thrown on the floor -- she seems to like to have some good old-fashioned fun, especially when no one is looking.

Dobby has been a great addition to our family and has brought us endless hours of laughs, snuggles, and love.

Thank you for all you do to rescue and place Frenchies. We continue to be in awe of FBRN and are thankful that Dobby is a part of our lives.

Dobby's Family

We wish Dobby and her family many years of happiness, cushy cushions, and walks to the bus together!

The Frog Princess


Deb said...

Dobby is a lucky dog! She found a great family.


Anonymous said...

This brings a tear to my eye. Dobby was the first frenchie handed to me by the puppymiller on that cold,wet day in February (making her very special to me) - her coat was matted in feces and she had a very scared and untrusting look in her eyes. All has changed for this little one---thanks for giving her the life she always deserved and making her part of your family.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the Frenchie personality bossoming, from out of the dust of the puppymill! I can just visualize Dobby, maddly digging in those cushions when nobody's looking! Wonderful! Best wishes for many years of love & hilarity for the whole family!