Thursday, May 1


We got a note from Ella's foster mom recently. Ella moved to a foster home without kitties and her new place is looking just fine to her!
Here's the note we received:

We haven't had her even 24 hours yet, but she is such a sweetie! Ella and my husband Ammar have already bonded and she follows him everywhere. Last night we watched a movie together, and Ella slept soundly on Ammar's lap the whole time. I was able to get a really cute picture of the two of them which I have attached.

She was pretty laid back last night, but this morning I was seeing a little more of the energy level we'd heard about! :) She does walk really well with my Frenchies Louis and Zoe though which is nice. I received lots of comments from people as I took this cute trio around the neighborhood!

Ella has already figured out that our boy Louis is more talk than anything (we call him the cowardly lion!), but she is still trying to figure out her place with my tough little girl Zoe. I think it will be quite the battle of wills!

Ella will make some family very, very happy, and we are enjoying having her around! I'll send out more updates as we get a little more settled with her, but I thought everyone would enjoy a brief update and some pictures."

We always love to hear about our fosters! Keep those photos and reports rolling in, entreats
The Frog Princess

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