Sunday, May 18

Joba: Flying Frogdog!

We got a newsy little update about our handsome and charming foster Joba recently. The description of his airborn antics prompted one of our volunteers to create a little image of this feathered frog:

"Just thought I'd send a quick Joba update. He's still doing great. He had his vet checkup last night and passed with mostly flying colors! He's 31.8lb of lovin' (and could probably stand to gain a pound or two)!! He's been going at his paws lately, but doesn't show any signs of allergies elsewhere and benedryl doesn't help. So the vet thinks it's most likely a contact allergy and gave us a topical spray to use on his paws. We made the appt to have this guy neutered (hallelujah!) and hopefully get his little nosey done too.
He was a HUGE hit at the office - everyone loved him, and he loved everyone!
I had family up this weekend, too, with their 2 (neutered) males dogs and Joba was great with them. He tried to get the little guy (shih tzu) to play with him, but he'd have none of it, unfortunately. The golden he pretty much left alone . Did I mention he's getting neutered on Wednesday? His marking has subsided substantially - so much so we let him around without his belly band on now. He did mark a few times over the weekend when the other dogs were at the house.
Otherwise he's still a great little man. He's playful, but not overly energetic and I have yet to meet a person he doesn't immediately love - or a person who doesn't love him!
He's starting manners classes this weekend (I want to see how he does with a group of dogs), but he's such a quick learner it'll be no problem for him, I'm sure. He even doesn't try to jump the babygate anymore. He can clear it no problem, but I spent 10 min. that first night catching him mid-air and putting him back, and since then, he hasn't tried to jump it once. Again, a great little dog. There is going to be one super-lucky family at the end of this!!"

I'd rather catch a Frenchie than a fish! declares
The Frog Princess

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such a cute little naughty boy