Thursday, February 7

PNWTraining Seminar for Difficult Dogs

We are very proud to present the first of a series of regional training seminars for FBRN foster families, other rescue organizations, shelter workers and the public. For some time, FBRN has seen a rise in the numbers of dogs surrendered to us for behavioral problems. These range from anxiety disorder to resource guarding to OCD to dog aggression and even people aggression. Many of our foster homes don't feel competent or equipped to handle special cases.

Does your darling dog sometimes seem possessed by demons neither of you can control?

Rather than turn these dogs away, as many rescue organizations have been forced to do, FBRN is taking proactive measures to provide training to our foster families to increase the numbers of available homes with some familiarity and confidence in the cause and training of difficult dogs. Moreover, we'd be delighted to prevent a dog from coming into rescue in the first place by providing information, education and training for the dog's family.

If you are in or near the Portland, OR, area, please consider joining us for a two-part seminar presented Sat and Sun, Feb 16 and 17 at the Portland Airport La Quinta hotel from 11-3.

Our presenter is the wonderful Kim Barnett of Follow My Lead UK, a trainer with many years of experience working with Boxer rescue and others in the US Northeast region. She has been invaluable to us in working with some of our most difficult cases, including Pippin, Queenie, Zoe and Junior. She offers training advice to our foster families via the French Bulldog Rescue Network's closed email list, and now she is bringing her expertise and advice to the public and to rescue volunteers in person! Kim is an energetic presenter with a lovely British accent and a devilish British sense of humor. She recommends that participants attend both days in order to benefit fully from her seminar.

Is your dog running with an unruly pack of friends?

Day One: "Alpha to Omega: Where Do We All Fit in?" A seminar based on understanding pack dynamics and how this can help our dogs feel truly at home in a human family.

Day Two: "Following in Our Footsteps: Walking the Walk" A practical seminar demonstrating simple techniques and applying theory learned on Day One to address common issues.

The La Quinta is pet friendly, so if you'd like to stay with your pets, feel free to bring them. Please don't bring them to the seminar, however. We'll provide coffee and nibbles.

There will be plenty of time for questions and we'll have a get-together after Saturday's seminar to socialize among participants, ask questions informally, and to make friends and network across other rescues.

Does your dog have a few little dominance issues?

We have kept the cost low so as to be affordable to both the public and especially to rescue volunteers and shelter workers. Cost is $20/day to members of the public and $10/day to rescue volunteers and shelter workers. To register, go the FBRN homepage and click on the bone to donate. Select the "One time donation" button, fill in the blank with the amount, and leave a note in the comments box that you are registering for the seminar, with your name. You will receive confirmation shortly after completing the transaction. If you have any questions about the seminar or about non Paypal registration, please email us at: pdxseminar @

If you are interested in volunteering for FBRN, if you are a past adopter from us, if you have a dog you'd like to figure out and work with or you do rescue or shelter work, we'd love to see you (and photos of your dogs!) at the seminar.

Does your puppy pick on other puppies? Don't put up with it!

Sat and Sun, Feb 16 and 17, PDX airport La Quinta, 11-3. Questions? Write: pdxseminar at yahoo dot com. (Spelling it that way to fool the evil spammers, but you should write it as a normal email address).

We can hardly wait! enthuses
The Frog Princess


Melissa said...

What a great resource this will be. Thanks for offering it!

Anonymous said...

FBRN does it again!

What an amazing idea. Giving owners of these difficult dogs the tools they need to help them lead happy lives is innovative. What a proactive thing to do.

Hopefully more foster homes will become qualified and confident to help these troubled ones that are welcomed into FBRN with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pippin, the poster pup for doggie behavior problems! Hopefully, for those who can attend, these types of problems will prevent repetitive re-homing of some pups! Good luck, everyone!

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn some great new tricks for you and your furry friends. I look forward to one of these great training sessions coming to the Southeast! I'll even let Smeagies tag along for an appearance!!!

Thanks FBRN for taking a proactive stance with difficult dogs!!

Anonymous said...

The Darth-Vader pic is the funniest thing ever! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I only wish I were closer to help out.