Friday, February 22

One year ago, today!

The PA8 were freed from a puppymiller in beautiful Lancaster County, PA. Here they are on the day of their release from hell.
The puppymiller cretin who sold them to FBRN's representative waited until the pups were out of the barn and had been paraded before us in the arms of his grandchildren before informing us that the price had increased. Did he see us coming? Yes. Fortunately, our volunteer had the means in his checking account to bring every one of them to a safe place. They were vetted, inoculated, treated for their various ailments and, ultimately, adopted by loving families.
If you were one of the families to adopt one of the PA8, we'd love an update! Write to fp-fbrn at comcast dot net and include a photo and some news.
We miss our babies, and it would be fun to do a "then and now" update, thinks
The Frog Princess


Melissa said...

Thank you FBRN for being there to rescue these pups. I hate puppymillers. :(

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

The Frog Prince saved these babies from living a life of continual misery!!! Happy, healthy, cherished, warm, appreciated and secure with their forever families, they'll never know that life again. Thanks FBRN, the adoptive families, but mostly the volunteer who was determined to make this rescue happen! :)

Lots of love,
Smeags & Willow

Anonymous said...

So much work to be done to stop these awful puppy millers. Thank you FBRN for going above and beyond to rescue and nurture these Frenchies!

How wonderful that a year later all are doing well and in their own forever homes.