Tuesday, February 5

Keep a Good Thought for Teddy

Our handsome and dashing and silly Teddy has gone to the vet to see about an injury he appears to have sustained to one of his rear legs.

Always willing to assist, Teddy supervises the wrapping of a gift!

Teddy has limited sensation in his back end, so he is not in pain, but something is not right.

Keep a good thought for Teddy, the kind of Frenchie who makes your heart melt with his soulful, sweet gaze.

Our soulful Teddy!

Soulful, certainly, but he's not above some clowning around if he can get a cookie out of the deal!

We'll let you know what the doctor says, promises
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Teddy. The Sea Bright gang is rooting for you. We're sure a special cookie would be the approriate "welcome home" gift when you get back from the vet's.

Melissa said...

Happy Thoughts are sent!

Frogdog Bloggeressa said...

Oh, Teddy!!! We have long loved you from afar... please let your lil' leg be ok!!!
Kisses & best wishes,
the furry g*hibler crew