Tuesday, February 5

Yogi Goes Home

Yogi found a new home before Christmastime, and his mom sent us his story. Here are some photos and a tale of a frog:

"Once upon a time there was the sweetest Pied Prince born in Virginia who came into FBRN's fold and was named 'Yogi.'

Yogi gets clean for his new family

His coat was sparse and rough, his collar a bit too tight, he was rather underweight, was clearly under a lot of stress and was crated 20 hours a day. However, in spite of it all, he continued to demonstrate his sweet demeanor. He loves to play, just absolutely loves to play, after all he is a puppy.

"While under FBRN's wing, he flourished and thrived. He learned some manners but most of all, he learned the meaning of love. He relished his time on the sofa, rolled over on his back for belly rubs, sat patiently for his treats and waited for his turn to get his teeth brushed.
Playtime was encouraged; zoomies were allowed; playmates were plentiful and long walks became a fun part of his day. One day he even got to go to work and soaked in all the attention given him.

Yogi with his bags all packed, watching for his people.

"All the while, he dreamed of finding his forever home. He checked out many, many applications. Some were "not quite right," some were "maybe's," some were even, "almost right." Then one day, he found the "just right" application. He was so excited! He found a brother, Hudson (an English bulldog) who is just about his age and who he can play with all day long; a Dad who works from home and a Mom who will be home during the summers.
Yogi and Hudson meet

When he finally got to meet them, he knew it was right. Hudson also had his dew claws, just like him. Yogi is now called LOUIE. Louie and Hudson played in the car all the way home and fell asleep on the couch when they arrived home.

His proud parents are so happy to have him as part of their family. Just check out the photos. Louie now knows that without FBRN his dream would not have been fulfilled. He promised to write, keep in touch and let us all know how he is doing."

Now that's the kind of fairy tale we like! approves
The Frog Princess


popcarts said...

what a wonderful story -- this one made me cry.

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day for Yogi! He doesn't look happy about that bath though. Love the tote bag - must have one.