Tuesday, February 26

Waiting for the bus

Seven Apples has a very busy schedule! See the impatience on her face as she waits with one of the children in her foster family for the bus to show up?

Her foster mom says Seven Apples' daily agenda includes treats snarfling, cat-chasing, nap-taking and amping up the neighborhood cute quotient, in addition to sending the children off in the morning, meeting the bus every afternoon and helping with homework. All the while being treated for Addison's disease! Check out Seven Apples' foster page, here.

So much to do, so little time, sympathizes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

such a busy girl! looks like she might have put on a few ounces in foster care. so cute how she's playing mama with the kids. good for her!

Anonymous said...

Seven Apples is one darling little frog. Thank you FBRN for helping her.

Anonymous said...

Seven Apples gets extra credit for helping the kids in her foster family get ready for school! A+!!!