Tuesday, February 19


Skeeter is available for adoption. After many months of rehabilitation and re-education, he is fit to live with a family of people who are willing to let him get away with nothing!
He's a fine boy, and he's a good boy, but he's a boy who has a bit of the Huckleberry Finn in him. He has a tendency to check and see if you are really on your game in terms of being the boss--he gets very anxious if he feels there is a possibility that the world could come sneaking around the edges of his safe home. If your family can keep Skeetie Mo on the straight and narrow, if you have experience being a strong and capable leader, and you are in the market for a fine figure of a frog, check out Skeeter's bio.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Skeeter's foster experience has been wonderful in helping him become a rehabilitated and reeducated frog! Best to him in his search for that perfect home, and kudos to his foster family for all their hard work and patience!

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding your Happily Ever After! You have come a long way with the love of your foster home.