Monday, May 22

Twiggy, then and now

Twiggy was so thin and so sick when she came to us, even after a week in the good care of Animal Control, that we despaired. She had more than one close call, and for weeks she could not digest food or put on weight. She's able to share a basket with a pug who weighs a little more than she does in this photo. Today, she's still sharing sleeping space with Teddy-One-Toof, but it's a bigger bed, and Twiggy can no longer curl herself up nose to toes. She's muscled, she's a shade of redhead Loreal would pay big money for, and she's such a good size, she's even hanging off the edge of the bed. She and Teddy are no longer in the same weight class.
Nowadays, Twiggy is so full of life and joie-de-vivre she simply vibrates with energy. She is a happy girl without an enemy in the world. She does have a little bone to pick with the dogs next door who refuse to play the dozens with her at the fenceline, and in the most cowardly way just sit back and observe as she taunts them and invites them over to be supper. To supper. But every good dog has her little ways.

Twiggy is so wonderfully changed from the cringing, sick, terrified little dog who came to us in September. She has learned the joys of being a pet and always takes pleasure in the freedom of being outdoors, uncaged. These photos show Twiggy presenting herself for attention, attention, attention during a recent backyard photo shoot. We can scarcely believe this is the same dog.

Twiggy at rest. At last!

Twiggy's surgery to remove her painful, useless eye was a success, and soon she will undergo another surgery to correct the cherry eye you see here. But isn't she a pretty girl? Look at that grin. Apart from sleep-time, that grin is pretty much a constant.

And who can blame her? From neglect and filth and starvation to the lap of luxury: this girl probably thinks she is in doggy Valhalla. And who's to say she's wrong?

Twiggy is making up for lost time. She will play and fetch and jump and run and wiggle and demand tummy rubs all day long. She has two speeds: OFF and All the Way ON. We think that's great for this girl who was so close to death, so exhausted by suffering, so frighteningly passive. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to her care and donated to her and the other NC10.

We especially thank the doctors and staff at the vet's office, her foster mom, who was often afraid to go to sleep, lest she wake to find Twiggy had died, and the dogs in her foster home for making room for her and tutoring her in her rights and privileges as a pet!

Here's a photo of Twiggy then. Worn out, emaciated, sick and frightened. Barely able to stand long enough to have this photo taken. We know there are many dogs out in the world today in similar shape, and we'll continue to work for them and rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them.

Meanwhile, if your light ever threatens to burn out, stop by and take another look at these photos of Twiggy at her worst and well on the way to being restored to the healthy dog she was meant to be.

Look at the difference in Twiggy and the change FBRN made in her life and circumstances.

Then take a few deep breaths, have a nice hot beverage, walk your dogs down to the park, fling a frisbee or two, pull up your socks and get back at it.

That's what Twiggy would do!

And so would your devoted

Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Twiggy is a death defying gift. Thank you to everyone who has helped her survive and thrive, especially her foster mom.

Anonymous said...

Joie de vivre incarnate....incanine?


Anonymous said...

Twiggy, I hope we can play together again, Love Gorby