Friday, May 19

Boris Breaks Away!

Karina and Matt were chosen to be Otis's new people last winter, but Stephani, Otis's foster mom, kept him until they could drive up to get him during their cross-country move to Virginia. Here, Stephani describes Otis's leavetaking:

"Well, Otis (now Boris) has left for his new home after being here since last July. When Karina and Matt walked in the door, Otis ran to them like he had known them forever. They went over and sat down and he wiggled all over the place and flipped over on his back (that is pretty good for him). They left today to continue their journey to Richmond, where they will be living."

Boris, Karina and Matt had just settled in when Boris set in motion an adventure for himself, a day and a night of anxiety for his family, and an opportunity for FBRN volunteers to do what they do best: pitch in to rescue a Frenchie in need! Most of us have known the fear and frustration of having a dog get loose while in our care. We can sympathize with the following story, which is a reminder to properly record and keep track of our dogs' microchip information. Ruthie, FBRN's President, wrote this account of the events caused by Boris's sudden case of happyfeet:

This past Friday, Boris and his Dad were out taking a walk. As per their routine, as they mounted the steps to their townhouse and reached the landing, Matt slipped off Boris's collar and leash so he could happily run into the house. Instead, this time Boris bolted down the stairs and away up the street. Matt followed, but quickly lost sight of him. He looked everywhere and called all the local vets and shelters, but he was new to town and became panicked. He called Stephani for advice, she contacted me, and the search was on!

Trish Berresford went running over with her Frenchie, Curran, to help in the search, then Karen Miller relieved Trish, and Kimberly Rice was all set to go over after work. What we didn't know was that Boris had been picked up shortly after getting away and taken to a vet. The vet's scanner detected Boris's Home Again chip, but not the information on the new chip implanted by FBRN. The vet's office called his first owner, whose information was still on the Home Again chip, who then contacted Stephani, and Stephani let Matt and Karina know Boris had been found.

Saturday morning, Matt and Karina went to the vet's office to try to prove ownership, while volunteer Karen Miller called ahead to give the vet and Boris's new friends the proof that he was an FBRN dog. Boris, Matt and Karina were reunited, and 24 hours of anxiety came to an end. We're so glad this story has a happy ending. FBRN volunteers once again went above and beyond, Boris was reunited with his family, and his new Dad learned a lesson about the sneaky, naughty ways some Frenchies have.

FBRN now registers every dog through CAR (Companion Animal Recovery ) to prevent confusion like this from happening in the future. A special thank you to volunteers Stephani Luedde, Trish Berresford, Karen Miller and Peggy Roderick. These ladies worked together to bring Boris home. Thank you all!

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