Tuesday, May 23

Our Valentine in May

Valentine came to rescue on St. Valentine's Day and all over the country, FBRN supporters fell in love ! It was plain to our sponsors that sweet Valentine needed some TLC and good medicine, and though all of Valentine's problems have not yet been diagnosed, we wanted you to see the changes in her condition made possible by your donations and the devoted care of her loving foster mamma. This photo of Valentine was taken after just 3 days without steroid therapy, the last time the doctor tried to take her off them. Steroids are effective at treating many skin infections and eruptions, but steroids are very hard on the liver, so doctors try to limit their use and seek the underlying cause of the symptoms in order to eliminate the problem. So far, we don't yet know what's causing these painful, recurring symptoms, but her mamma thinks it's an allergy to Texas.

We do know that under all that red, ouchy, itchy skin there was a happy Frenchie waiting to emerge. In the months that she's been in foster care, she's recovered her cheerful personality and revealed herself as an alert and curious, chipper and silly girl. Valentine's foster mamma reports that when Valentine is feeling good, she is a very active little thing, and burns off every calorie she takes in. She has a svelte and lithe appearance and really has fun playing in the green freedom of the yard with her foster brother, a fine figure of a hunkistudlious boxer named Chester.

A lonesome little white dog in a world of hurt, whisked from a shelter into the safety and keeping of a loving home, now watched over and waited for by anxious would-be families everywhere...

It's enough to bring a tear to the eye of

The Frog Princess

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