Wednesday, May 31

Miss Ellie Remembered

Those of our supporters who purchased the FBRN calendar will see that June's pin-up is Miss Ellie. Miss Ellie won the hearts of our volunteers from the moment we first saw her wonderful, silly grin and floopy ears. Karol, Miss Ellie's mom, kept our volunteers updated on Miss Ellie's adventures as a beloved, treasured pet. After too short a time in her loving home, Miss Ellie passed away several months ago. We asked her mom to share her memories. Here's Karol:

The day after I was approved as a volunteer for FBRN, I got the call about the rough-looking, very sick little Frenchie in need of a foster home. Ruthie Chiger asked if I was ready to jump right in -- I assured her that I was. Miss Ellie had been found by Animal Control, wandering the streets of Corpus Christi, TX, and they had taken her in. The story goes on from there-- we fostered her for 8 months, gently nursing her back from the brink of death with all kinds of health issues and falling in love with her along the way. Her health was never 100%, but it got much better. We reviewed applications for Ellie's adoption for quite some time, but never received anything that seemed close to the life she was living with us. We applied to adopt this little lady and were approved. She was already a part of our family and so many people told us she belonged here, and we agreed. She did well for many months, but when her heart began failing, she went downhill quickly. She died in my arms at the vet's while we waited for him to come in to put her out of her misery. What a classy lady. She made the choice, so I would not have to: she loved me that much, and it was certainly mutual. It is so sad to lose an older one, especially one that you have worked so hard to bring back to health, but especially this girl -- the picture of goofy, flop-eared grace. We will always be so grateful that we took on the job of fostering and loving Miss Ellie. The sprinkler chasing, flashlight beam runner...the one who learned to sit for treats at probably 10 years old. What a blessing she was to our family.
Wait for us sweet girl -- we'll see you again one day. We'll always love
you - Mom


Anonymous said...

Miss Ellie is my current screen saver. I just can't seem to replace her (Shorty, you better get something going here)

A wonderful dog, a wonderful home and a wonderful story. Great relationships come in all shapes and sizes. With all kinds of ears.

Trey Carland said...

I see Miss Ellie's precious face and I can't help but thinking of the Elton John song "Candle in the Wind ... the candle burned out long ago, your legend never did."

We love you Ellie!