Saturday, May 27

Gorby Takes a Bath

Some FBRN dogs are lucky to be alive. Gorby is one of them. He was adopted a few months ago, but it took the efforts of several FBRN volunteers (especially his foster mom) to convince folks that Gorby was not a man-eater, not a vicious beast or a lawsuit waiting to happen. He was a hard case, yes, but he wasn't a hopeless case. A few weeks with a willing and experienced trainer, some desensitization to strangers and his new person's commitment to his continuing recovery turned the boy from scary, insecure bigmouth to lovable, happy goofball.
Here is Gorby, subdued and soggy, waiting for the OK to get out of the tub. Having just bathed an unwilling Frenchie ourselves, we are fully aware of the difficulties of managing a slippery, strong young French bulldog who has had enough of tubtime. Does the phrase "greased pig" mean anything to you?

Just look at this good boy. Even though he is clearly unhappy to be there, he is waiting, waiting, waiting for permission to climb out.

And here is Gorby at his window, watching the world go by. Gorby is enjoying his new life as a pet, owned by a member of a law enforcement agency who takes him to work some days and loves him like a rock. Gorby is another example of the good work FBRN can do, given determination on the part of its volunteers not to give up too soon and kind help from trainers who can see beyond the growling, barking, bad-boy facade some Frenchies put on.

A tiny, frozen cup of Stolichnaya is being raised to Gorby and his friends with a heartfelt "Na zdorovie!" from
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

OH! OK, Gorby could make me fall for a Frenchie. Whatta face.

Yer friend SubversiveGrrl