Monday, May 29

Sad News for FBRN

Ruthie Chiger, FBRN's president, sent the following note to FBRN volunteers:It is with great sadness that I find that I have to report that we have lost a rescue dog. Sophie, who was being fostered by Carol Shenk in Southern California, has passed away.
This is the note I received from Carol:
"It is with utmost anguish and sorrow I must inform FBRN that Sophie has died. We had several days of unseasonably hot weather which affected me also, as well as several of my own dogs. In fact, I also lost one of our own Frenchies. The only thing the vet was able to suggest is that her impaired immune system weakened her ability to handle the stress and her heart just gave out. He had no idea about our own male as he was young and presumably healthy. She is buried alongside Mac, Paris, and Homer. We have ordered memorial plaques for the graves." I know Carol did all she could, but living out in the desert, just a few minutes in unexpected heat could be too much for our Frenchies. As summer approaches, please remember Sophie, and always remain cognizant of the sun, the air temperature and the heat radiating off the pavement. Ruthie.

If your dog should show signs of overheating, get her into the shade or a cooler location fast, and, if possible, quickly wet her down with cold water, and have someone call your vet immediately for advice.

Meanwhile, the critical thing is to have evaporation working for you, so don't just get the dog wet. Either keep cold running water going over her skin, or put her in front of a fan or air-conditioner, particularly if you live in humid zones, where evaporation is slow. Take the dog's temperature, and if it is elevated above 101 or 102, continue assisting the dog to cool herself by running cold water over her, testing her temperature every 3-5 minutes. However, once the dog's temp begins to fall from its high point, you should cease emergency measures, and get the dog to the vet as soon as you can. She may require IV fluids. Some Frenchies enjoy lying on the cooling pads, and others never leave home in summer without a cooling bandana around their necks. These products are widely available at pet supply stores.

We join Carol in her grief, and we thank her for always being willing to take the most difficult, sickest dogs to foster.
Wishing you comfort and peace,
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace little girl. You had a short rough time here and hopefully you are in a better place now… $100 donation in your memory.