Friday, May 26

Little Douce Tooth! (You Don't Know What I Got)

We don't know about anybody else, but we are crazy about one particular lip-look on a Frenchie girl. It's the sweetest little all-unbeknownst-to-her, ridiculous look of the out-of-order lip.

Here it is on our little Doucette, the NC10 girl with the most! We think we like it so well because most of the Frenchie ladies of our acquaintance are ordinarily so dignified, so composed and pretty, that when their lips go goofy, it's extra hilarious. Like seeing Nicole Kidman or Barbara Bush the elder with her skirt tucked up in her underpants. It's a naughty sort of amusement, and if we were a nice girl, we wouldn't find it funny at all.

We can't leave you with the impression that darling Doucette is anything but lovely to look at 99% of the time, so we'll include these photos as a sort of mouthwash for the mind.

She's so pretty! And she gets along with the resident dare-devil evil kitty well. Doucette nobly puts up with his drive bys and "surprise!" appearances--he jumps out from around corners and hidden spots attempting to startle her. And, for those of you with suspicious minds, yes, it is just a coincidence that Doucette and the cat are color-coordinated. We've got no Cruella DeVille's in our FBRN family! No collectors of black and white critters for the sake of fashion or a fabu photo op.

Doucette is still available for adoption and waiting for an applicant who will appreciate her quietly adventurous personality and loving, gentle, happy temperament. Applications are available on the FBRN website.

Doucette, your amiable ways and kindly manner endear you to
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Dou is sitting here as I type this. We just want to say thank you to the FBRN and supporters from the bottom of our hearts for giving this sweet girl a chance at a better life. Don't you just love that smile of hers?!?!?
Doucette and her Foster Mama
North Carolina

Trey Carland said...

Dou is a beautiful, loving girl in search of LOTS of LOVE!!! Who in the world could deny such a pretty face?!? Kisses sweet Dou!

Anonymous said...

Love that little Doucette. My boy, Boo, has a similar lip thing. When he does it, I call it his "Pretty Boy", cause, well, it really isn't.

Anonymous said...

Doucette, I simply adore you!