Monday, November 22


Byron was not born to be a city boy.  His owners regretfully surrendered him in hopes that he could find some peace in the country. 

Well, Maine is far enough from the hubbub of the Big Apple, and Byron is doing just fine!  He has shown no anxiety around his foster family or the dogs in his foster home, and now that he's far from the madding crowd, his foster family has been working with him on some behaviors that they'd like to resolve before he goes to his forever home.  Here's a note we received recently about young Byron:

"Byron has been doing well this past month of October. He doesn't like the cold but is content outside if he is wearing his jacket. He has been playing with many small dogs but doesn't like sharing his toys, and this is something we continue to work on. Certain toys are just way too special for him to consider allowing anyone to walk near him while his is gnawing on it. Here's one of my favorite photos."

He's not going to be swimming the Hellespont anytime soon, and he may never be a symbol of smoldering masculine sexuality, but we think Byron deserves some recognition for his progress. 

He's not "mad, bad and dangerous to know" anymore.  He's a good boy and getting better all the time, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Yes, Byron is a wonderful smart boy! This is his foster mom and I am pleased to say that he will soon be ready to move to the available page with a just little more training. He has been very trusting of my pack and has not had toy issues like he did in the daycare environment-much improved.

Two French Bulldogs said...

What good news Byron. You sure look like you are enjoying your foster home
Benny & Lily

Helene said...

Byron sounds like he's made progress really quickly...soon to be a perfect French Gentleman!

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog!! The Princess's commentary makes me smile all the time and sometimes laugh out loud. She has even challenged my vocabulary. I'm a "word nerd" and love when the occasion arises that I am sent to the dictionary, which doesn't often happen (and especially by a frog). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with Her Royal Highness, who has been uncharacteristically quiet lately.