Monday, October 25

Dakota Home

After more than a year in foster care, Dakota has found a family.

He's come so far from the days when he lived in the kitchen, terrorizing his people.  He had even convinced a trainer he should be euthanized.

But after a great deal of time, understanding and patient, painstaking training on the part of his foster family, Dakota is ready to live with his new family.

Join us in celebrating this proof that dogs can be reclaimed.  Given the right degree of commitment and good support from knowledgeable trainers, and given knowledgeable families willing to continue the good work begun by our foster homes, even rotten dogs like Dakota can have a future.

We are so proud of him and so proud of our foster families. 

Some people may say that in the larger scheme of things, saving one dog's life is of little importance.  Maybe so.  But we prefer to see it as a sign that there is hope for people.

Whenever a person or family looks beyond their own needs and concerns and gives their effort, time and love--without expectation of personal enrichment--to something or someone who needs it, it can inspire others to do the same.  It makes us better people and it makes the world a better world.

Does that sound a little sappy and naive?  Probably.  But in miserable times like these, when it appears that selfishness, rudeness and bad behavior are winning strategies,  many of us need evidence of humanity's generosity of spirit and capacity for kindness, and that includes

The Frog Princess


crystal said...

Yay Dakota!! Ive been watching him and hoping for a perfect home to be found!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh lady you got mom sniffling over here! Congrats foster family, Dakota and your forever home
Benny & Lily

Mr.Mews said...

I quite agree there is never a kind act too small. Some hard cases are just smarter creatures in need of special attention from special people. I had a bit of a wayward youth myself!

Anonymous said...

Here here! Well said. So wonderful to see another "hopeless case" end happily. :)

Teri B. said...

This is such a great story and made me smile and cry all at the same time. Big hugs and Frenchie high-fives to the Foster family for not giving up on adorable Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Brava, FP! And thanks all around to Dakota's foster family, and the many other fosterers who help rehabilitate dogs.

snoozlebugg said...

I once heard someone say that even if we can't save all of the animals in the world. However, the animal we do save believes we've saved their world.

Anonymous said...

Dakota's foster people are the best people on earth. Just ask their dogs. Ask Dakota. Ask anybody! Hurray for them and for Dakota and his new forever family!