Thursday, October 21


Patton came into FBRN with a whole gang of Frenchies whose owner had been a car wreck and was so disabled she could no longer care for her dogs.  We called them the Gulf Coast 10.

Patton is one of the older dogs, and although many of his confreres have been snapped up and are already settled into their new homes, Patton is still languishing on the Island of Unwanted Frogs.  His foster family gives him all the affection and attention he could need or want, but it's just not the same as being somebody's baby.

At eight years old or so, Patton deserves to have a home of his own.  He's a great dog, has no temperament or health problems, and gets along with pretty much everybody.  Well, maybe not cats.  This is a note his foster mom sent this week:

"Patton is doing well.  He is a total sweetheart and I just love his stickey-out tongue…and he purrs, too!!
Yesterday he got his very own crate – thanks to my mom!  He had been using an extra that was large enough for a Boxer, but he kept trying to get in the tiny crate for the kitty.  Not sure why I even had the kitty’s crate out, but my mom thought maybe Patton would like his very own Frenchie-sized crate and so she got him one.  Patton loves it; he went right in and made himself at home. He is such a good boy!!
If you know anyone with a soft spot for the older guys please tell them about Patton!!"

OK, so he's not so much "Ol' Blood and Guts," as he is "Ol' Snore and Snuffle," but before this old soldier fades away, we are hoping someone will give Patton a home of his own to retire in.  A home of his own and someone to love is the fervent wish of

The Frog Princess


Unknown said...

What a cutie! I would apply for him in a heartbeat if he was closer. I hope he finds his forever home soon! Senior dogs are the best!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Patton you are so handsome and deserve the bestest forever home
Benny & Lily

Molly's Mommy said...

Patton, you are cute as a button. We know you are going to make some lucky person very, very happy!

aspi said...

I too would love to apply for Patton but Pittsburgh is just too far a trip to make to pick him up. I would never want to put a Frenchie through a long airplane ride these days with the horrible non customer friendly, non customer service attitude of the airlines. I hope he finds a forever home soon.