Friday, December 24


FBRN recently accepted 3 former puppy mill girls from a Good Samaritan who bought them out of bondage.  This is Fortula.  She'll be on the foster pages after the web team returns from a vacation this week.
Here is what Fortula's foster mom told us about this very fortunate frog:
"We would like to introduce Fortula from the Central Wisconsin puppy mill. Her name comes from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and means "light of God" She is very shy and "pancakes" when you go to pet her. She also slinks around the house a bit. She is a super love chop who loves to snuggle in J's arms. She seems to trust him a lot so that is good. She loves her kennel with her very own bed.  I don't think she had her own anything before, and spends most of her time in there while she gets used to her new surroundings. 
We feel she is just waiting to burst out of her little shy shell and become a very special dog, although we're not going to rush her; she'll come out of her shell in her own time. We are also working on house training. She is doing pretty ok with peeing outside, we have to physically take her out there to go, but then we come inside and she poops. Ooops. 
She also doesn't seem to understand how a door works because she will sit on the one side and we open the door but she won't go around the door to go in. She just backs up and stares inside. She also has been hesitant about stairs but seems to be getting over that now; she is going up and down stairs by herself today!!! 
She is not eating much right now and is underweight. We are putting food in her kennel with her overnight and she seems to nibble at it. Hopefully she will be eating more soon, and she loves treats. We've let her have a few careful interactions with Louie (our frenchie love chop) and they are going very well. They are both very appropriate with each other and both allow each  other to take good sniffs, which has been especially exciting since Louie is very particular about who he wants to be friends with. He sees Fortula's need for a lot of peace and relaxation in her own space and probably remembers his own experience being a FBRN foster. He is working hard to help her feel comfortable and safe in our home. 
She seems cautious about being around Louie with food, which leads me to believe with taking her weight into consideration that she lost out on a lot of food in her old home to the other dogs. 
She also seems to have many scars and bumps all over her body and in her ears. She has a swollen toe on her right paw that swelled up when we got her home, but has gone down significantly. 
We've been giving her a lot of TLC and little first aid for the toe. We will be getting her a full tune up at the vet's, plus checking for a microchip and will let you know how that goes.  She'll need to be spayed, and we'll get that scheduled as soon as we can. 
She doesn't appear to be in any pain and we are not noticing any signs of major physical problems at the moment. We've attached a picture, she is a bit camera shy so we will get more pictures to you as we get them."
What more could a former puppy mill mamma want than a warm, soft blanket and bed; healthy, delicious food; a gentlemanly companion; and a loving, welcoming family to teach her what love feels like?
To the Good Samaritan who rescued these dogs, and to the foster families who have taken them in during this busy, often hectic time of year, and to the generous sponsors and supporters of FBRN who are making their medical treatments and new lives possible, we say a grateful thank you.
That's the spirit of giving in action, marvels
The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

All our paws are crossed for these kids
Happee Merry Christmas
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

What a pretty, pretty girl. Good luck Foster Mom and Pop! Hope you can help her out.