Tuesday, October 12


Camden is a great example of how FBRN volunteers work together to make a way for a frog to come into rescue.

A Good Samaritan called to surrender this puppy, and the wheels started turning.  He was surrendered in Camden, NJ, and there followed an afternoon of transportation, with volunteers meeting up along the eastern coastline down to Virginia every 75 miles or so.

It was a long day, but Camden got to spend a little of it unwinding in a backyard.  He got to relax and eat some dinner, and then a gorgeous mastiff named Mick showed him around the joint, including a visit to the giant bowl on the deck.

 After his layover in Maryland, Camden's journey continued, and he is now enjoying his days in foster care while getting his skin cleared up.

Volunteering for FBRN isn't just about fostering dogs.  You can transport, fundraise, help us with home visits, answer questions, work on the website or any number of other helpful jobs within the organization. 

We are growing quickly--right now we have over 180 dogs in our care! --and we can use all the help we can get.  If you have skills and talents that could use some exercise, please consider putting them to work for us and our frogs.

To volunteer, get in touch with Kathi Luljak at frenchiehelper at aol. com.

We really do need your help, wheedles

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

We know mom loves volunteering for FBRN. Welcome Camden!!
Benny & Lily

debra said...

camden has a cute butt. lol. drake and debs wuv him.