Saturday, November 6

Three of the Puppies Are Available!



Black Eyed Susan!

One of the puppies is not yet available because she is still very small and we want to be sure she is healthy before we make her available for adoption.

If you've been waiting to apply for one of Destin's puppies, you should hurry.  These adorable puppies will garner lots of applications.

Lots of applications, stresses

The Frog Princess


Jennifer Horgan said...

I am melting. I just want to give them all kisses and smell their sweet puppy breath. Hopefully mom is doing well - hugs to her.

Katy said...

I want one RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Helene said...

so sweet; they look cute in the flower pots...I hope their mom is ok, if their was a post about Destin I missed it...but will find it

Helene said...

just read Destin's story & looked at all the pictures of her & her pups...unbelievable; what a great job everybody did...