Saturday, June 28

Sing "Ho!" for the Life of a Bear, Sing "Ho! for the Life of a Pooh!

What is this we hear?

The handsome, winsome, charming Pooh Bear is shockingly still in his foster home?

What? Why? How can this be? He's stuffed with fluff, for heaven's sake!

This boy is a gem!
He's housetrained, kid-friendly, totally lovable and ready for a forever family. He only asks to be an only dog, and he will do his very best to make his people happy. He adores attention from people--he's a complete velcro puppy--and he's made lots of friends at the vet's office and everywhere else he goes. He's in perfect health, apart from what might be the start of a cataract in one eye.

Check out Pooh's bio. See if it isn't time for him to move away from the 100 acre wood and into your home.

Look at that face! He's adorable! squeals
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh Pooh, you are a silly old bear! Hope you find your forever home in the 100 acre wood very soon, Zombo and his mom

Anonymous said...

I wish I could drive the 2,000 miles from phoenix to get Sweet Poo. I look at his face every day.