Tuesday, June 3

A Goober Named Raisin!

Here's a new girl who came to us this past week. She's being fostered in the great Midwest. She's cute as a bug and very lovable. Her new foster parents can't say enough nice things about...
"Raisin...and her name fits her perfectly. She is dark, sweet, and wrinkly! Raisin was surrendered by her loving owner for displaying a aggressive behavior towards other dogs and strangers walking by the house and he had moved from the country into the city of Duluth. He wanted to give her a chance before she did something wrong... She is a 5 year old, brindle female and is sweet as can be towards people. Her history...isn't much. She came from Russia. Her health is good as far as I can tell, she has lots of energy, loves to play and loves to kiss! Her wellness appointment is next week and then I will know more. She has shown aggression towards the dogs in our house...but she has only been here a few days and it seems to be getting better. She enjoys being outside, going for long walks around the neighborhood, napping in our bed and riding in the truck."

Of course she likes riding in the truck! She's a country girl. We just hope her name isn't short for Raisin' Hell!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I love your name, Raisin! Surely a cute girl like you would not be "Raisin' Hell". I think someone is telling stories on you ;-)