Sunday, June 8

Check out our Junior Volunteer Program!

A month or two ago, one of our volunteers sent us this note. It's especially nice to include it with our announcement of a new program we've developed. Here's her story:

"I wanted to share this story with you all...

We're having a yard sale to benefit FBRN this weekend & all my neighbors know... some are jockeying for first rights to it since they know I'm a ridiculous shopper that changes stuff around her house all the time... yes it is a disease, I should probably start my own support group. Anyhow, the most surprising thing happened to me today...

The door bell rang & so me & Remi answered the door leaving Rudi lounging away (we call it lampin' out around our house) on the sofa& our foster puggle, Petey, sleeping on his blankie in the kitchen.There stood my neighbor's littlest girl, Amanda, 8 years old, all dressed up in her cute little dress fresh from school. In her hands
she had a bag of rolled up pennies. She said to me, "I know Mommy sent you some of our old stuff to sell at the sale for the doggies at your rescue place but I wanted to give you my pennies because I've been saving them for something really special. I want the doggies to have my pennies so you can buy them some food".

I thanked her & so did Remi, who is little Ms. Social Butterfly & she
waved goodbye & went back home. Now, I know for certain that Amanda has been saving her pennies for a long time so while 11 rolls of coins is not a lot for us adults, 11 rolls of coins for the little ones is a lot of savings to part with. All I can say is bless her little heart, it is purely sweet!!!!"

Several months ago, we got a letter from a young woman who wanted to know what she could do to help FBRN dogs. It gave us an idea to start a program to reach out to other young people who might like to get involved. If you know of someone under 18 who is interested in getting their feet wet in dog rescue, steer them over here!
We've heard that a lot of schools are including a community service/volunteer component to the curriculum and leaving the particulars of where, when and how to students and their families. If you have a child with some hours to do, we'd be delighted to put your child's energy to work on behalf of some needy French bulldogs.
Isn't that a nice logo? One of our volunteers made it. She's expecting her first FBRN Junior volunteer any day now.
The logo is available on stuff at our Cafe Press site.
Consider doing something with your children this summer to benefit the Frenchies of FBRN. If you think of some good ideas for fun activities, please leave a note in the comments. We'd love to hear what people come up with!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! My 9 year old is already scheming, and finally in a good way! God bless, Patty , Zoe and Zombo ("snort")

Anonymous said...

These children's stories are heart warming. They are the rescuers of tomorrow.

I love the new logo and though I'm far from JR I just may have to get something anyway.