Saturday, June 28

Smeagol in the Rye!

Smeagol is modeling some marvelous Puppia harnesses, currently offered for sale in a variety of Frenchie flattering flavors in the FBRN shopping mall.

For as long as he can remember--back to about Thursday--Smeagol has wanted to be a crossing guard for schoolchildren.

This beautiful orange harness helps him feel he really could stand out there in traffic and make sure the little ones get across safely.

Of course, if from time to time a comely Frenchie maid might accompany her children to school, Mr. Suave would, in the chivalrous way of chevaliers from times gone by, assist her.

Yes, indeed. Smeagol is the kind of frog one simply doesn't see very often anymore: kind to children, polite to their mothers, dashing with the ladies.

It's no wonder he has such a loyal following.

And doesn't he look smashing in uniform? gushes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Smeagol, you look very handsome!


Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

We hope Smeagies and the NC 10's horrid Puppymiller is still watching FBRN's site and see's the difference love and compassion has made in these dogs lives!!

Our heart belongs to Smeagies!!

Alana said...

Smeagol you are so handsome in your new puppia harness! Hooray for you!

DINGLEberries said...

oh i love the smeags! he is such a handsome gentleman :)

Anonymous said...

I bought two because of you!