Thursday, June 19

Pepper's Happy Ending

Here's a note we got from Pepper's foster mom when she sent us the photos of Pepper and her forever mom:
"...I stopped by for a visit the other day to pick up some stuff I'd loaned Pepper's mom. What a happy pair!

Pepper greeted me and gave me a couple of quick kisses, but stuck to her new mom like a burr. We sat on the floor while we chatted and Pepper was right in her lap. When I went to leave Pepper's mom asked Pepper if she wanted to come say goodbye to me.

That dog wasn't about to move! I guess she was worried I'd take her with me. It's so great to see them in their happy homes!"

These are the moments we work for and wait for. Many thanks to our foster families for making all these sunny memories possible.
The Frog Princess

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